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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guardianship – The Heart of the Bahá’í Faith

Every living organism has a heart. Upon the healthy action of which these organisms are dependent for their proper functioning, so does the Bahá’í Faith have a heart upon which its life depends and this heart is the Guardianship of the Faith. But the Hands of the Faith in their dilemma at the death of our beloved Guardian (Shoghi Effendi) were so confused and upset that they thought the Cause must get along without any more Guardianship -   thus setting up a substitute for this Guardianship in their present-intending leadership of the nine Hands of the Faith in the Holy Land, for which body there is no authority whatsoever in the administrative plan of Bahá’í government as given us in the “Will and Testament” of the Master, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.

Hands of Faith destroyed the 36 years labor of Shoghi Effendi 

The beloved Guardian labored for thirty-six years to establish the Administration. The Guardianship is the heart of the Cause and now, in less than two years after his death, the Hands of the Faith are doing what they can to destroy any hopes that believers may entertain of our ever having another Guardian. Until this present time this destruction seems to be having results that please the Hands of the Holy Land, all but with the exception of myself. The Hands are constantly calling my attention to the success of their program. 
Those who in their hearts oppose the Guardianship will in the end fall short…? 

Let each one of us face and see his own problem, a problem that rests between himself and God, whether or not he or she wants a Guardian or not, for if the Hands of the Faith unitedly want a Guardian, they will have no difficulty, but if they, in their hearts don’t want the Guardianship, God help the Cause and God help them too. We know that in the end, the Cause will prevail. The Administration of the Cause cannot live without its heart that is the Guardianship, therefore those who in their hearts oppose the Guardianship will in the end fall short of that to which they were called to perform.

Charles Mason Remey,
Second Guardian of Baha’i Faith


W. B. Janet said...

Can anyone tell me where Mr. Remey is buried and can I get a photograph of his grave.

Anonymous said...

Dear W.B. Janet,

The Second Guardian of Baha'i Faith Mr. Charles Mason Remey passed away to Abha Kingdom on 4th February 1974 at 8.45 p.m in Florence, Italy and buried there.