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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebration of Ridvan at Tungareshwar

Entrance of the beautiful Ridvan Garden
The National Baha’i Council of Orthodox Baha’is of India take immense pleasure in announcing a unique celebration on the occasion of a great Baha’i Festival the “Ridvan” at Tungareshwar, which is at an altitude of about 2177 feet,  one of the highest mountain plateaus in Vasai/Thane on 21st  April 2012 near Chinchoti Water Fall.
Celebration will be hosted by Mr. Rajendra Upadhyaye. Orthodox Baha’is from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, New Delhi, Dombivili, Kalyan, Baroda, Nagpur and all the friends of Thane District will participate in it.
Ridvan is the Anniversary of Bahá'u'lláh's Declaration of His Prophetic Mission to His followers.

Ridvan Messages, a Tradition of Guardian of the Faith

In the year 1923, the First Guardian of Baha’i Faith Shoghi Effendi sent a letter of encouragement and greeting to the American national Bahá'í convention at Ridvan. Later it was his regular practice to write a Ridvan letter to the Bahá'ís of the world summarizing the progress of the Faith in the previous year and setting out general directions for the coming year.

Living Guardian

The Living Guardian of Baha’i Faith Joel Bray Marangella follows the tradition of the first Guardian and he also writes a Ridvan Letter to the Orthodox Baha’is of the world. (Sans Guardian UHJ cannot write a Ridvan Letter to the Baha’is).

Hands of the Cause of God Appointed by Third Guardian are:

1.  Marilyn Meyer
2.  Madeline Byers (posthumous)
3.  Nosrat'u'llah Bahremand
4.  Jeffrey Goldberg
5.  David Maxwell
6.  Y.H. Taylor
7.  Grace Behrens (posthumous)
8.  Joel JaniMarangella
9.  James Meyer
10. Dr. A. Parikh
11. Martin Lavallee
12. Frank Schlatter (Departed Soul)

We extend our heartiest Ridvan Greetings to all the Bahais of the world and invite them on this great festival to look in the matter of continuity of guardianship.

With Best Abha Greetings,

Rajendra Upadhyaye,
The Chairman of the National Bahai Council of India.


Anonymous said...

Happy Ridvan to all the Bahai friends, irrespective of their affiliation with sans guardian UHJ or Orthodox or...

P P Joshi said...

Where is Tungareshwar and what is its significance in Bahai Faith?

Where is the Ridvan Message from your guardian for this year?

Anonymous said...

Dear P.P. Joshi,

It is clearly written in the blog the location of Tungareshwar.

All the land is property of God. Travel anywhere on the plain land or on the mountain, you will find the signs of God. Orthodox Bahai friends celebrated the Ridvan in this hilly area and enjoyed there.

Now you can understand the significance of the lands in the Bahai Faith.

Please write your postal address, we will send you the Ridvan Message of Living Guardian of Baha'i Faith.

Rajendra Upadhyaye.