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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Declaration of the Báb

This is celebrated 22-23 May (from 2 hours after sunset on the 22nd).

Báb announced that He was the Bearer of a long- promised Divine Revelation destined to transform the spiritual life of the human race. "O peoples of the earth," the Báb declared, "Give ear unto God's holy Voice...Verily the resplendent Light of God hath appeared in your midst, invested with this unerring Book, that ye may be guided aright to the ways of peace...",

Love and Compassion

The Báb's declaration that spiritual renewal and social advancement rested on "love and compassion" rather "than force and coercion," aroused hope and excitement among all classes, and He quickly attracted thousands of followers.

The central theme of His major work the “Bayan” was the imminent appearance of a second Messenger from God, one Who would be far greater than the Báb, and Whose mission would be to usher in the age of peace and justice promised in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and all the other world religions.

Bahá'u'lláh paid tribute to the Báb

"Behold what steadfastness that Beauty of God hath revealed. The whole world rose to hinder Him, yet it utterly failed. The more severe the persecution they inflicted on that Sadrih [Branch] of Blessedness, the more His fervour increased, and the brighter burned the flame of His love. All this is evident, and none disputeth its truth. Finally, He surrendered His soul, and winged His flight unto the realms above."


Abin Sur said...

The 22nd-23rd May is celebrated as the day of declaration of the Bab. It was the First declaration of the new era.
It is much awaited for the Orthodox Baha'i World believers, that, when the Third and Living guardian Mr. Joel Bray Marangella will declare the name of his successor? He is too old to carry on the responsibility of guardianship. Will he declare the name of the Fourth guardian in his lifetime or he has left a secret will for it?
This matter should be clear to the Baha'i community otherwise it may cause a rift later on. Already, the dispute between Universal House of Justice and the guardian has damaged the image of the Cause of God. Please clear this issue as soon as possible and bring a happy ending to it.

R Patel said...

Dear Abin Sur,

The Third Guardain of Baha'i Faith Joel Bray Marangella has already declared his successor. He is Nosrat'u'llah Bahremand, lives in Australia.
He has visited the Orthodox Baha'i Communities of India in September Last.

If you can send your mailing address, we will post you the will of the Living Guardian.

R. Patel,
Vice Chairman,
PNBC of India.