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Monday, December 15, 2014

Letters of the Living

The 18 disciples who first believed in Sayyid Ali Muhammad the Primal Point, the Point are called Letters of the Living. They were created before all things from the Point. They became living because the Point shone forth upon them. The Point is independent of all things, Letters of the Living including. The Point is not a Letter of the Living. These 18 disciples were minor manifestations subject to the major manifestation, the Primal Point.
These 18 disciples were “the return of Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, the Eleven Imams and the Four Original Gates (BÂB).”

What is meant by the “return” is the appearance of another person, born of other parents, but inspired by God with the same spirit and power. This “coming again” of these persons was fulfilled in the appearance of the Letters of the Living.

Grants of Titles and names are the prerogatives of the Point, the manifestation of the age, the Primal Point in the manifestation of the Bayan, to the exclusion of all others, Letters of the Living including.

Of the 19 Letters of the Living the First to believe was Mulla Muhammad Hussein who was the return of Muhammad.

The last believer was Mulla Muhammad Ali entitled Quddus. Which Imam’s return he was is not clear, presumably he was the return of the Imam Hussein.
The 18 disciples received their titles from the Primal Point in 1844 as they embraced the faith.

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