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Friday, October 10, 2014

Obey “The Summons of the Lord of Hosts”

From the Desk of the Living Guardian:
It was brought to my attention that the illegitimate organization which is headquartered in Haifa and which undeservedly calls itself “the Universal House of Justice”, recently has organized a Web-page and claims that it is the “Official website of the Bahá’í Faith”! 
They should have honestly clarified that they meant a version of the Baha’i Faith modified and manipulated by Ruhiyyih Khanum and those former Hands of the Cause who followed her; a faith which repudiates the “Center of the Cause” and does not adhere to the sacred provisions of the Will and Testament of Abdu’l-Baha, a faith that is based on imitation, herd instinct and mind control, and by scare and hate-mongering rhetoric; a version of faith which is compatible with the ill wishes of “The Center of Sedition, the Prime Mover of mischief, Mirza Muhammad Alí,”, by “interpolating and falsifying the words and verses of the Sacred Text,” and consequently they “inflicted a grievous loss upon the true Faith of God,” by ignoring writings of the first Guardian of the Cause of God, especially his Proclamation of 9 January 1951 the only Proclamation during his own life; and opposing the descendant Guardians of the Cause of God. <>

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jules said...

Certainly we all must understand that human tampering and scriptual manipulation will always be the case...history continues to prove this.
The following by Dr. Dahesh expains it all:
"Divine revelation is pure only at the source, that’s why it is essential that we retrace each religion back to its origin. The further we go in time, the more likely we are to see it muddled. Christianity (just to take an example I am familiar with) is the very proof of that degradation; for after the advent of Christ every century produced its own share of beguilement, laissez-faire, and concessions, adding them to the original spirit of the revealed truth, in that to serve our whims and wants. Such a par for the course tendency not only weakened our belief in the “spiritual,” but it also had a nefarious effect on our morals and ethics. And this adverse effect gave rise to a certain doubt in the existence of the soul and her immortality through the years, a legitimate doubt, nonetheless, which ended up being the Achilles’ heel of modern-day thinking. Our religion is what we have become, not what we ought to be!"

submitted, respectfully,
.....observer Jules.....