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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Second Guardian of Baha'i Faith
Shoghi Effendi appointed in his own life time, his successor to an American Baha’i, Charles Mason Remey under the direction of Abdu’l Baha as he wrote in his Will and Testament that: “…It is incumbent upon the guardian of the Cause of God to appoint in his own life time him (next guardian) that shall become his successor, that differences may not arise after his passing.”  
Mason Remey was born in America on 15th May 1874. He declared himself a Baha’i in the age of about twenty six and half year on 31st December, 1899 on the hand of May Ellis Bowles (later Mrs. May Sutherland Maxwell, the mother of Ruhiyyih Khanum). Mason would later become close to the members of the Holy Family: Baha’u’llah’s eldest Son and Successor, Abdu’l Baha, Baha’u’llah’s daughter, Bahiyyih Khanum and his great grandsons, Shoghi Effendi. A tablet was sent from Abdu’l Baha on 3rd May 1906 to Mason Remey, which was of tremendous importance as it portended his role in the distant future as the second Guardian of Faith:
“Verily I beseech God to make thee under all circumstances. Do not become desponded neither be thou sad. Ere long, thy Lord shall make thee a sign of guidance among mankind.” Many other tablets received by him from Abdu’l Baha in which he has addressed him as “O my dear son”
Mason Remey in India: He traveled most of the cities of the world in different countries and he came in India too in 1910 and visited Calcutta, Baroda, Banaras, Agra, Delhi, Mount Aboo and Bombay. In 1950, Shoghi Effendi, the first guardian, invited Charles Mason Remey to Haifa, the World Administrative Centre of the Faith, and henceforth make it his home. On 9th January 1951 Shoghi Effendi in his proclamation informed the Baha’i world that “at long last” he had established the first International Baha’i Council (the embryonic Universal House of Justice)—the supreme legislative organ of the Baha’i Administrative Order. As the distinguished head or President of this embryonic UHJ he appointed Mason Remey, an appointment that had tremendous implications which Baha’i world as a whole failed to grasp undoubtedly due to the fact that during the seven years that remained of shoghi Effendi’s ministry, the International Baha’i Council remained in an inactive state never functioning as collective body. Mason Remey wrote a letter for his proclamation of guardianship in Ridvan 1960 to Charles Wolcott, the Secretary of National Spiritual Assembly of USA to address to the Annual National Convention. As he was the president of embryonic UHJ, was the Second Guardian of Baha’i Faith.


Anonymous said...

if mason remey was true. then why he died a miserable death?

Rajendra said...

Dear Anonymous,

If Mason Remey died a miserable death, will it affect on the continuity of Guardianship in Baha'i Faith?

Don't misguide yourself and others.

He was the second guardian of Baha'i Faith and he appointed to Joel B. Marangella as his successor and now he is the third guardian of Baha'i Faith.


Anonymous said...

How he was the Second Guardian? Who appointed him to succeed after Shoghi? Give me unrefutable proofs.