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Friday, January 20, 2012

Action of the believers in Lucknow following the passing of Shoghi Effendi.

The State of Guardianship is the super most thing upon the Earth.
The second Guardian, Charles Mason Remey wrote in his dairy: “Daily Observations,”(written during the years he resided in Haifa) about the remarkable action taken by the Local Spiritual Assembly of Lucknow, India, following the passing of Shoghi Effendi:

This afternoon (12 February 1959) there was a meeting of seven of us Custodian Hands of the Cause now here in the Holy Land at which there was a discussion of many things - details of comings and goings of pilgrims all of routine work, and a letter from the Local Assembly of Lucknow, India, was laid upon the table without remark, someone saying that it was a local problem – a matter that should be referred not to the Hands but to the National Assembly of India.

Seeing the letter, as it lay there on the table, I glanced at it and was astonished indeed at its contents. It was a record of action of that local Assembly in which seven of the nine members had united to dissolve that local body until such time as the Guardianship be renewed and functioning again – this letter (copy of which was addressed to the Hands in the Holy Land, dated 18 November 1958) was being sent to the Indian National Assembly in New Delhi. This was indeed a most remarkable statement (in six short paragraphs) of the reasons why these friends cannot accept the present condition of the Cause without a Guardian.”
A summary of the original letter:. Gupta wrote the following letter on 18 November 1957 from 51 L
Resolution: Where as by a resolution passed in the presence of seven members of the Assembly on November 9, 1957, [five days after the passing of Shoghi Effendi] it was resolved that “the activities of this LSA be suspended till the appointment of the next Guardian of the Faith” and the same was intimated to the NSA, New Delhi, and whereas it comes under the purview of the Supreme Council, so therefore it behooves this assembly to place the following arguments without prejudice, before the aforementioned Supreme Council through Raffanian, Haifa (Israel):
  1. Man’s nature is two-fold; he is spirit and body and therefore, at once, a citizen of this world and of the Heavenly City.
  2. The State of Guardianship is the super most thing upon the Earth.
  3. The Guardian ought to have no equal in his realm because this would nullify the rule that an equal cannot have authority over his equals.
  4. The Supremacy of the Guardian in spiritual matters is absolute under the God…The Guardian has full power to create Hands of the Cause and can do so without any of the customary forms of election.
  5. The unique power possessed by the Guardian alone is, therefore a “Divine Right”…In substance the Guardian alone is the head of entire legal system, not, indeed, as a universal executive but as a court of final authority which functions not in absentia but by presence.
  6. The present system is but conciliary and the concilliarists have set against it the ideal of harmony of powers cooperating by free and mutual consent. Such an argument is fraught with the implication that God had changed the mode of imposing His Divine Right according to the wishes of the few. Such a democratic conception is vitally opposed to the Spirit of the Faith.
Alert Bahá'í Brethren!
From the above, it is clear that those who investigate the truth independently, find the truth but those who do not struggle for the truth, God seals their hearts.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

In U.P most of the Baha'is are unacquainted with English language, if you can post same material in Hindi in your blog and as well by post, it will be useful for them.

Where is your office in Lucknow, I want to see you.

S. A. Gupta.

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