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Friday, September 16, 2011


As indicated in the survey recently conducted by the Orthodox Baha’i Faith throughout India about the beliefs held by the sans Guardian Baha’is, it was found that these Baha’is  have been consistently mislead concerning the provisions of the divinely-conceived Baha’i Administrative Order by the ABMs, Counselors’ and secretaries of the National Spiritual Assembly of India under the instructions of the Sans-Guardian Universal House of Justice and by other Sans-Guardian Local Assembly office bearers and the tutors of the Ruhi Books.
I appeal to all the Indian Baha’i friends to undertake an independent investigation of the Truth by reexamining the Baha’i Administrative Order as clearly and immutably established in the Will and Testament of Abdul Baha, rather then listening only to those who have repudiated its sacred provisions by ignoring the continuity and infallibility of the Guardianship of the Baha’i Faith. 
Provided below for your independent review, is a seminal article written by Joel Marangella, the current Guardian of the Baha’i Faith, titled “THE DIABOLICAL SUBVERSION OF THE BAHÁ’Í ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER,” which summarizes the purposeful perversion of the Baha’I Administrative Order faithlessly perpetrated following the passing in 1957 of Shoghi Effendi, the first Guardian of the Faith.
It is my hope that sincere and true Indian scholars of the Faith will embrace this article as an affirmation of the sacred Will and Testament of Abdul Baha, and will join with me and the other faithful friends in support of the Guardianship within the Orthodox Baha’I Community of India.
Dr. A. Parikh
National Baha’i Council of India.


C P Arvind, Kerala said...

Dear living guardian,
Ruhiyya Khanum was the wife of the First Guardian, Shoghi Effendi. But she did not accept Second Guardian as per the Will and Testament of Abdul Baha. Will she be termed as a covenant breaker?
Please reply as I am having a discussion with a new Baha'i believer who does'nt knows much about guardianship.

Anonymous said...

Dear Arvind,

Why Guardian should reply such question?

Please note that it is evident the one who do not follow the Will and Testament of Abdul Baha, he in fact is not Bahai and if still he call himself he Baha'i and not believing in guardianship, he is misguided Bahai.

Please write your email address.

father francis said...

Thanks for exposing the fraud.

C P Arvind said...

Dear Rajendra,
Will the same thing apply to the members of infallible House of Justice.
Is their infallibility intact after the denial of a living guardian?

A True Baha'i said...

Mr. Arvind, What value a weak guardian has. He cannot reply you. He is self-claimed guardian. No one has ever seen his appointment as a guardian. can he upload the image of that para?

Gunaratna said...

It seems that the person who undeservedly has called himself "a True Baha’i" and has written the above drivel has some mental or sight problem, he is not able to perceive that Mr Arvind’s comment is addressed to Mr Rajendra not to the Guardian since this Blog belongs to Mr Rajendra and it is his personal blog.

Weblog of the real True Baha’i is:


And website of the Guardian of the Cause of God is:


Anonymous said...

Dear self claimed True Baha'i,

You are interested in verifying the document for the guardianship of second, third and.. guardians. Do you not know that Abdu'l Baha has clearly written in his Will and testament about the continuity of guardianship in Bahai Faith? If you are a true Bahai, first accept his Will and Testament and try to find a living guardian in this period. If you don't find any guardian leave the Baha'i Faith because the one who don't accept the commands and wills of Abdu'l Baha, he is surely not a Bahai.

Your well wisher

Rajendra said...

I want to meet you in Lucknow. Can you provide your address or telephone number? please!