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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ayyam-i-Ha (The Intercalary Days)

Happy Ayyam-i-Ha to all the Baha'i Friends

Ayyam-i-Ha ( Intercalary Days) occur between the eighteenth and nineteenth months of the calendar i.e. February 26 to March 1 inclusive. The intercalary days are five in leap year and four in ordinary years. 

O Pen of the Most High! Say: O people of the world! We have enjoined upon you fasting during a brief period, and at its close have designated for you Naw-Rúz as a feast. Thus hath the Day-Star of Utterance shone forth above the horizon of the Book as decreed by Him Who is the Lord of the beginning and the end. Let the days in excess of the months be placed before the month of fasting. We have ordained that these, amid all nights and days, shall be the manifestations of the letter , and thus they have not been bounded by the limits of the year and its months. It behoveth the people of Bahá, throughout these days, to provide good cheer for themselves, their kindred and, beyond them, the poor and needy, and with joy and exultation to hail and glorify their Lord, to sing His praise and magnify His Name; and when they end—these days of giving that precede the season of restraint—let them enter upon the Fast. Thus hath it been ordained by Him Who is the Lord of all mankind. The traveller, the ailing, those who are with child or giving suck, are not bound by the Fast; they have been exempted by God as a token of His grace. He, verily, is the Almighty, the Most Generous.
Baha'u'llah,  Kitab-i-Aqdas
Our Responsibilities in these days

·         To provide hospitality to relatives and brothers and sisters in Faith.
·         To help the poor and needy
·         To glorify Lord
·         To sing praise and magnify the Name of the Lord
·         These days are preparation for the days of fast
We pray for the long life of our beloved Guardian Joel Bray Marangella.

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Christ Lover said...

What a stupid calaendar. 19 months ha ha ha. that is why you fall short for 4 days and name it as intercallary. No way you people can deceive the believers of other religions. You dirty Persians.